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Before a tenant occupies your home a two part inspection is conducted which includes pictures and a written report. Over the years we have developed relationships with various tradespeople that we rely on for high quality, low cost work. When possible we rely on several that we contract to perform routine maintenance and repair work at very reasonable prices. Bids are taken when considered appropriate or requested by a Homeowner. Copies of invoices for all work performed are included with the owner's monthly statement. We do not add a handling or surcharge to invoices.

Due to the great risk involved, it is our policy to re-key the locks between each occupant. The Homeowner and Coastal Property Management & Realty share the responsibility to protect the tenant's health, safety and well being. Re-keying the locks between each tenancy of your home is considered essential.


Our accounting system relies on a property management software program that provides easy to understand monthly statement. At year-end, a special account analysis report is provided to the Homeowner for use in preparing income taxes. All monies received from the homeowner or tenant are placed in a trust account and all disbursements are made from that account.The rents are collected on monthly basis, due on the first of each month, with a three day grace period. Homeowner checks and statements are mailed on the 10th of each month.

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